HEALTH RELIANCE CARE SERVICES, INC is established to provide love and quality care services to individuals with developmental disabilities, to enable them live, work, socialize and participate more actively in the community. Our services are client driven, individualized, and relevant to the needs of the individual, and shall be provided in a manner that promotes the individual’s health, safety, choice, self-determination, independence, and general well-being. The organization emphasizes participation, consultation, client satisfaction and the empowerment of the individual.

HEALTH RELIANCE CARE SERVICES, INC recognizes that the individual is the most important resource in his/her own development, both as the person most directly affected by his/her constraints and limitations, and as recipient of the program. Our empowerment strategy therefore places control in the hands of the individual to claim both his/her rights and responsibilities to develop to his/her full potential. Our commitment is further reinforced by the philosophy that we work for the individual. Therefore, HEALTH RELIANCE CARE SERVICES, INC is not just a caregiving facility; we exist to enhance the quality of life of the individuals we serve.